Open Dialogue


Openness and transparency are our mandatory values. Specifically this means to encounter cultural differences unprejudiced, to respond individually to each situation, to address issues and risks and to take criticism seriously.

Exchange of Knowledge


You can make a secret out of knowledge - or making it freely available. Why we love the digital age – there are many opportunities to share knowledge and exchange. A fundamental objective of bj institute is to hand over important and useful knowledge to the client’s employees during the particular project phases.

Extensive Experience in New Ways


Bruno Jehle and his more than 30 years of experience in professional photography, digital image editing, prepress, printing, internet, application development, data management, information management and communications design guarantees personally for the successful and high-quality implementation of projects in the field of digitization and training. His professional activity has always been accompanied by social and cultural projects, their humanitarian intentions influences the culture and operation methods of bj institute.

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