Cultural Heritage - Creating lasting Values

Unique pieces of early photography on copper and glass plates, decaying  palm leaves, old books, fragile herbaria - digitization can preserve these irreplaceable cultural treasures, and enable their value in today's society by general accessibility.

Making Knowledge accessable

The digital age has many ways to make knowledge accessible to a broad public. bj institute supports institutions to preserve archives and collections by using standardized digitization - and make them suitable for the web. After completion oft he project museums, institutions and corporate archives can get and provide perfect access to their images and documents of the highest quality and in the required format.

Vocational Training - Success Factor and Opportunity

For decades the dual system of vocational education and training in Switzerland proves that this practical and early entry into the labor market is a highly successful approach for low unemployment and healthy economies. bj institute supports and promotes the development of the dual educational system in Switzerland and helps to develop initiatives and projects abroad.

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